Knife Making Supplies for Making Bushcraft and Hunting Knives

Knife Making Supplies for making bushcraft and hunting knives here is a list of the Best knife making supply houses in the USA. Making handmade knives requires the right tools, materials and supplies such as steel, grinding and sanding belts, buffing wheels and compound, handle material and pins, rivets fasteners, plus epoxy. Article and Video […] Read More

Bushcraft knife review high carbon steel with Micarta handles

This is a totally handmade bushcraft knife made from an old plow disk. The knife handle is made from Micarta and fastened with Corby fasteners and two handmade brass pins. I like to use Micarta for knife handle material because it is easy to work with as far as shaping and fitting to the knife […] Read More

Fitting Knife Handles on my Bushcraft Knives both Wood and Micarta

On some of my bushcraft knife handles I use pins that I make myself out of brass welding or brazing rods. On other bushcraft knives I use Corby bolts and or Loveless rivets depending on the look I want. Fitting knife handles takes time and can be tedious work but if you take you time […] Read More

Bench grinder and buffer belt sander grinder for bushcraft knife making

My bench grinder and buffer belt sander grinder I use for bushcraft knife making. Grinders and drill press that I use to make my bushcraft knives. At the end of this YouTube video you will see some bushcraft knives I have in the works. Some knives I am fitting the handles on and some knife […] Read More

How to make handmade bushcraft knives

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney Two bushcraft knives I have in the works and am making one with homemade knife handle pins and the other with Corby fasteners that are bolts with slotted heads so they can be fastened tight and quickly before your epoxy sets up. I know your time is valuable so […] Read More

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