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Bushcraft Knife Making Tutorial How to Make Your Own Survival Knives

Bushcraft knife making with Bruce Cheaney Gainesville, Texas takes you through the steps of making a handmade bushcraft knife that can be used for bush craft and hunting. This is a handmade knife that is made to be used in the wilderness and hunting or survival. Not long ago I had a friend in need and a bunch of folks put together a benefit and auction to help this man out and so I wanted to do my part and that is why I made this bushcraft knife.  I was on a pretty tight time schedule so I had to get with the program and get this thing made and for some reason I decided to film the process of making this bushcraft knife and what a challenge that was in it’s self.  At the onset of this project I knew how I wanted the knife to look and it pretty much turned out like I figured it would.

Bushcraft Knife

Anyway over the next few weeks I would like to go over the Bushcraft knife making  process as well as the leather working and knife sheath making  and to pass a few things along to you that I have learned over the years.

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Knife Making Tools Materials and Supplies

Some of the tools materials and supplies for knife making are a belt grinder either a 1×42 inch or a 2×72 inch belt grinder preferably a 2″x72″ for for grinding out the knife blank as well hollow grinding a belt sander like this will save you many hours of work by being able to grind your knife out in a timely manner.

Norton sanding belts seem to work the best for me for heavy stock removal then I move onto Klingspor J-Flex belts 80 grit through 120 and 320 I finish up using 3M Trizact belts and usually don’t even have to use a cotton buffing wheel and compound.

I purchase my knife making supplies from a supplier here in the central United States called Jantz Knifemaking Supplies they stock just about anything a knife maker might need for making knives such as knife steel and handle material.

You can also find enough parts to maker your own 2×72 belt grinder or purchase a Bader Grinder B-III or Burr King Knifemaker Machine.

Another resource for a knife making machine belt sander/grinder is the KMG grinder by Beaumont Metal Works they have grinder parts, contact wheels and electric motors and just about everything you could possibly need to put together your own 2×72 machine.

I have a Baldor Buffer one is a #BL114 and a #BL333 would be another good choice that you could ad to your knife shop. I also like to use 3M Scotch Brite Wheels like a IW81LD 8x1x3 inch this also comes from Jantz and really works good for removing scratches from steel blades and brass knife guards.

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